This TikTok thrifter gives lots of advice from ‘How to Spot Vintage’ to getting discounts at thrift stores. She also enjoys finding luxury brands in thrift stores and helping others spot what’s worth re-selling online.

A fashionista and self-proclaimed “eco-friendly baddie” who thrifts looks inspired by Meg The Stallion, Rick and Morty, Anime characters and that’s just to name a few. She also offers make-up looks and cos-play ideas. 

She boasts herself as “Martha Stewart on a thrift store budget” and shares amazing thrift tips as well as recipes and home decor ideas featuring thrift store finds. She’s also gifted at DIY and shows innovative ways of making thrift store oddities into unique household items.

A “Vintage Reseller” and “Thrifter Queen” who shares her thrifting tips to start an income but also she’s taking her followers on a journey as she recently bought a school bus and converted it into a mobile vintage shop!

This thrifty mom takes us and sometimes, her 10-year-old son, on thrift store adventures. Her latest series on TikTok called “25 days of sleigh” which is a glorious and glamorous fashion advent calendar with thrift store finds!