The Benefits of Thrifting!

Suri Atamaya

The process of thrifting is an entertaining experience, it is like a treasure hunt to find new clothes! Thrifting allows people to express their creativity; whether it is thrift flipping items or expressing their style through different outfits. Thrifting is not only limited to clothes, it also includes home décor and accessories. It is a great way to save money whilst buying items that you want or need. Thrifting allows people to also be sustainable as making second hand purchases is naturally eco-friendly! Giving new ‘life’ to an item that was destined to end up in landfill equals to reducing waste. 
As mentioned previously, thrifting allows us save money whilst still buying items that we want or need! Most items in thrift stores here in Brunei charge around $5BND(RM15.84) for a shirt (on average), the quality of the items is not bad either. You can buy a variety of quality items for affordable prices. Thrifting nowadays is easily accessible as well! Many people open thrifting accounts on social media to sell second-hand items, all you need to do is scroll through the account and pick an item to buy! Thrifting also has become popular amongst people in Brunei and there are even pop ups or events that are entirely based on the concept of thrifting. 
In addition to that, thrifting is a great way to be sustainable; thrifting reduces energy consumption, air pollution, landfills, and keep the oceans cleaner. Items that are no longer in use usually get disposed of, by not disposing these items it reduces waste. Choosing to thrift would mean fewer clothes or items will end up in landfills, thrift shopping allows people to recycle and reuse clothes instead of having them turn into waste. Thrifting also allows a person to express their creativity as, someone can easily turn a second-hand item into something new! This is also called the process of thrift flipping.